Monthly Archives: March 2023


F7. Pazzo’s New Zealand Adventure Part 3

After a couple more nights exploring Dusky and Breaksea Sounds, including Vancouver Arm (Named for George Vancouver, who served as a Lieutenant under James Cook on Resolution), we dashed north to Doubtful Sound. After motoring […]

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F6. Pazzo’s New Zealand Adventure Part 2

We celebrated Valentine’s Day, 2022 by slipping our mooring lines and sailing around the eastern tip of Banks Peninsula to quiet Flea Bay, home of Pohatu Farm, a blue penguin reserve that offers sanctuary to […]

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F5. Pazzo’s New Zealand Adventures Part 1

December 9, 2021: “Pazzo, Pazzo, Pazzo. This is New Zealand Customs Opua. Please proceed directly to Q dock at the Bay of Islands Marina and await further instructions.”  “Copy that.”  After 13.5 days on our […]

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