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Stiggelbouts in the Antarctic

In Ushuaia, we rented a very strong mooring where Pazzo could wait for us during our foray to Antarctica. Uka (an Easter Islander who manages the Club Nautico) agreed to keep an eye on our […]

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Cape Horn and Beagle Canal adventures

Over the holidays, Pazzo became well familiar with the entire Beagle Canal. Charles would have been proud of our extensive exploration and frequent encounters with wildlife. Our first experience with the Beagle was east to […]

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South Argentina Adventures

Our 3 ½ day trip south from Deseado brought a wide assortment of wind and weather. We motored without wind for several hours before setting the kite to overtake Lucipara and Obelix on a course […]

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Uruguay and Argentina

After a most delightful 3-month stay in Brazil, our passage to Uruguay was characterized by winds from all directions and many speeds. We were mostly reaching and running, but we encountered a small cold front […]

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Beautiful Brazil

Cindy, John, and I returned to Pazzo in Antigua and sailed 18 days to the NE tip of Brazil where we found the small, lovely resort island of Fernando da Noronha.   Our course took […]

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Pazzo’s Caribbean Adventure; St Lucia back to Antigua

On May 15, we sailed north to the island nation of St. Lucia where we welcomed Pete and Tania Swain, friends from San Diego, aboard for our northward trip back to Antigua.  The expanded Team […]

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Pazzo’s Caribbean Adventure; St Vincent and the Grenadines

In the wee hours of April 30, we slipped our mooring and continued south to Fort de France, Martinique.   As usual, the trades were blowing out of the east so our southerly course put […]

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Pazzo’s Caribbean Adventure; Antigua and Guadeloupe

Following our last episode in the Dutch and French Antilles, we were excited to visit the decidedly British influenced Antigua (An-Tee-guh) where cars drive on the left.  We arrived in Antigua during the Classic Yachts […]

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Dutch and French Antilles

The Dutch Antilles are comprised of ½ the island of St. Martin / Sint Maarten, Saba, St. Eustaruis in the NE Caribbean along with Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire in the SE Caribbean, off the Venezuelan […]

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Pazzo’s Virgin Islands experience was guest-filled. Chloe joined Team Pazzo for our romp thru Puerto Rico and Vieques in the Spanish Virgin Islands. We had to hurry along the south coast of PR and thru […]

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