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F7. Pazzo’s New Zealand Adventure Part 3

After a couple more nights exploring Dusky and Breaksea Sounds, including Vancouver Arm (Named for George Vancouver, who served as a Lieutenant under James Cook on Resolution), we dashed north to Doubtful Sound. After motoring […]

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F6. Pazzo’s New Zealand Adventure Part 2

We celebrated Valentine’s Day, 2022 by slipping our mooring lines and sailing around the eastern tip of Banks Peninsula to quiet Flea Bay, home of Pohatu Farm, a blue penguin reserve that offers sanctuary to […]

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F5. Pazzo’s New Zealand Adventures Part 1

December 9, 2021: “Pazzo, Pazzo, Pazzo. This is New Zealand Customs Opua. Please proceed directly to Q dock at the Bay of Islands Marina and await further instructions.”  “Copy that.”  After 13.5 days on our […]

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F4. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventures, On to New Zealand

On Thanksgiving day, 2021, Team Pazzo, including Brother John, Cindy, myself, and Pazzo, set the full mainsail, motored out Maupiti’s Passe Onoiau and bore off on a broad reach port tack, a few points south […]

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F3. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventures, Society Islands

Following a 2 ½ day easy passage from Raivavai, we arrived at Port Phaeton, tucked in the south crease between Tahiti and Tahiti-iti.  We wanted to cast our eyes on what is reported to be […]

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F2. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventures – Raivavai (Austral Islands)

Wind and waves were kind to us on our leg south from Tahanea: 3 days of broad reaching in 12-20 knots past Tahiti to Raivavai.  The Austral group is comprised of 6 islands:  Rapa in […]

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F1. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventures-Tuamotus once again

The mountainous islands of the Marquesas Archipelago are awe-inspiring.  While the anchorages can be rolly and deep, hiking through rain forests to stunning waterfalls is truly magical.  But all good things must come to an […]

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E9. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventures –  Return to the Marquesas 

Cruising in a COVID-ravaged world has proven, and continues to prove, both inconvenient and challenging.  We are truly blessed that our lives are merely inconvenienced with thwarted plans while so many others around the world […]

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E8. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventure, Hawaii part 2

La Peruse Bay is a welcome refuge after crossing the Alenuihaha or when waiting for a break in the weather to get across the channel. The holding is good and the lava cliffs, standing about […]

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E7. Pazzo’s Pacific Adventures-Hawaii’s Outer Islands (Part 1)

The general consensus amongst cruisers is that Hawaii is a wonderful transpacific destination … but not great for cruising. The reason for this is a shortage of well- protected anchorages and the omnipresent swells that frequently render […]

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